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Lactic Peel AL

Lactic Peel AL


Concentrations: 30%, 40%, 50%

Lactic peel AL : This acid from sour milk or yoghurt

One of the gentlest chemical peels is a lactic acid peel. Unlike a glycolic acid peel or a salicylic acid peel, a lactic acid peel is extra gentle and good for even the most sensitive skin.
As with other chemical peels, the lactic acid peel can provide a significant benefit to your skin. You can reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and help to improve acne or oily skin. Even dry skin can benefit from a lactic acid peel, as it can restore PH and help the skin drink in moisture you provide (in the form of good-quality moisturizers).


    GLycolic Peel AG

Glycolic Peel AG


Concentrations: 20%, 35%, 50%, 70%

Intensive anti-aging

Glycolic Peel AG: Derived from sugar cane

Our glycolic peel will remove the outer-most layer of dead skin revealing your beautiful skin underneath. The glycolic peel is great for patients who wish to correct fine lines, melasma, acne (or acne scars), or dry patches. While erasing imperfections, this chemical peel will also promote the body's natural collagen production. Depending on the strength of the chemical concentration used, the face may appear slightly red before peeling, but it will return to normal within a couple of days.

    Mandelic Peel AM

Mandelic Peel AM


Concentrations: 30%, 40%, 50%

Photoaging / oily skins

Mandelic Peel AM: Derived from bitter almond extract.

Our mandelic peel is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Patients love their results because it not only helps acne and hyper-pigmentation, but also stimulates collagen production to minimise signs of aging. The part they love most is that they can get right back to their daily activities. After this chemical peel, you may notice some slight redness after your procedure, but it should subside in just a few hours.
    Lactic Peel AL

Salicylic Peel AS


Concentrations: 10%, 20%, 30%

Skins with acneic tendency

Salisylic Peel: Ideal for combating whiteheads.

Apply to reduce or eliminate blemishes on skins with acneic tendency, photoaging alterations and wrinkles. In addition to acne treatment, our salicylic peel smoothes rough skin and regulates hyper pigmented lesions. There is no downtime with this procedure. The skin may appear flushed immediately after treatment.

Moreover salicylic acid is a sebo-regulator, containing antiseptic, bacteriostatic and fungicide properties
    Mesopeel Modified Jessner

Mesopeel Modified Jessner


Composition: Salicylic acid 14% + Lactic acid 14% + Citric acid 8%

Antiaging, moderate and severe acne, acne scaring

Jessner’s Peel can effectively reduce the signs of aging and help smooth the appearance of acne scarring. A more potent compound than the fruit acids used in the Mandelic Peel or Glycolic Peel, the Jessner’s Peel also uses salycilic and lactic acids to penetrate the top, dead layers of skin and induce noticeable peeling for a week following Jessner’s treatment. The Jessner’s peel is ideal for patients with moderate to severe acne, those with acne scarring, or those who have previously received mild chemical peels but desire more dramatic rejuvenation

Treatment cycle: Application protocol recommends six successive applications with a minimum intermediate rest period of two weeks. An application every six months is recommended as maintenance.

    Mesopeel Aselan

Mesopeel Azelan


Composition: Azelaic acid 20% + Salicylic acid 20%

Acne, hyperpigmentation, photoaging

Mesopeel Azelan especially indicated for greasy skins or acneic tendency, for treating acne in its different manifestations and elimination of epidermis hyperpigmentations.
Efficient peel in correcting hyperkeratosis, skin flaking, sebhorreic dermatitis, acne and photoaging. Besides regulating sebhorrea, salicylic acid has antiseptic, bacteriostatic and fungicide properties.

Azelaic Acid a dicarboxylic acid acts as an antimicrobial against Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermis. Also a good antioxidant and favours re-establishment of normal keratinization.

Treatment cycle:
Application protocol recommends six successive applications with a minimum intermediate rest period of two weeks. An application every six months is recommended as maintenance.

    Melanstop Peel

Mesopeel Melanostop


Composition: Azelaic acid 20% + Resorcinol 10% + Phytic acid 6%


Melanostop peel especially formulated to treat melasma and other melanic hyperpigmentations, preferably located epidemically. Its effect is based on the synergic action of its three ingredients, which together as depigmentants, chelants and keratolytics.

Treatment cycle:
Application protocol recommends six successive applications with a minimum rest period of two weeks. An application every six months is recommended as maintenance.

    Mesopeel Piruvex

Mesopeel Piruvex


Composition: Pyruvic Acid 40% + Lactic Acid 10%

Deep wrinkles, photoaging

Piruvex peel indicated for the treatment of skins with aging signs like fine and deep wrinkles or hyperpigmentations. It is also useful for treating acne, actinic and fine seborrheic keratosis. After Piruvex peel application skin tonicity, luminosity and smoothness increases.

Treatment cycle:Application protocol is a cycle of six successive applications with a 2 week rest period depending on individual’s skin type and characteristics. An annual application recommended as maintenance.
    Mesopeel TCA

Mesopeel TCA


Composition: Trichloroacetic acid

2 Concentrations: MESOPEEL_TCA SOFT at 15%
                             MESOPEEL_TCA at 35%

Anitaging and deep blemishes

Modified Mesopeel Jessner is ideal for dull, slightly wrinkled, sensitive and dark skins and treatment for chronological aging and/or actinic acne and superficial scarring, slight epidermis hyperpigmentations. The combination of these three acids achieves recovery of lost skin tone, texture and luminosity.Because it is one of our stronger peels, it may be uncomfortable for the first two or three minutes, but it doesn’t hurt. Immediately following the procedure, redness, irritation, and swelling may occur. The skin will continue to tighten and peel for up to a week. Once the peeling is complete, younger-looking, even-toned skin will emerge.

SOFT treatment cycle: A 4 session cycle is recommended with minimum 2 week rest periods. No more than 2 cycles recommended per year.

TCA treatment cycle: Maximum 2 or 3 sessions per year with minimum rest periods of 4 months.


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